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Apr 01

I frollini Occhio di bue di Maurizio Santin… o quasi!

Quando un biscotto è buono, bello e profuma di tempi lontani.

Mar 07

Ricomincio da qui…

Ecco un piccolo riepilogo fotografico di questi ultimi tempi conditi da tanta voglia di ripartire e creare 🙂

Chi Siamo

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Bag of Secrets is an immaginary place, a little corner where to find news and curiosities, where to experiment new recipes and discover handicraft creations.

Everything started from an old refurbished bag, where we put inside, day by day, stories and magic. Small and big secrets will disclose themselves to the eyes can look behind the reality.

Bag of Secrets is however also a concrete project, conceived and accomplished to merge many different passions and experiences under a single name. A little creative workshop where to create, learn and share.


I grew up with a strong passion for the Japanese culture and a “kawaii” creativity. My first love is polymer clay.
Only a few travels later I discovered whole new worlds: I fell in love with the Shabby, Cottage Chic and Country styles from England. I grow on the rural, welcoming Occitan mood, proper of France and I was charmed by Scandinavian countries and their awesome nordic-flavored style, with the characteristic combination of red and white.
Colors become clear and bright, enriched with some romantic, pastel, gentle nuance and I begin to move freely between fabrics, buttons, rubber stamps, yards and most of all “brushes”.
So I begin to attend some classes with excellent American teachers, and even now I am still deepening my study about Country Painting technique.

Gingerbread angels, bears, pumpkins, dolls are always with me now, especially during the Christmas time, my favourite most creative season of the year!